Balanced Motion Therapy

Clinical Yoga & Pilates

Balanced Motion Therapy is a combination of remedial yoga, pilates-based exercises and activities of life movements. These are the tools I use to

  1. Unearth the inefficiencies and compensations in the way you move, then
  2. Help you shift from painful or compromised movement to freedom and ease by retraining your brain and body.

Your session will look something like this:

We find your imbalance through modified yoga and pilates exercises and poses. We look for movement inefficiencies and ‘leaks’. Where is the body compensating or over engaging? In which part of the flow of activity does this happen?

  1. First of all, we make sure we are having a good time. Know that there is more right with you than wrong.
  2. We teach the body and brain to understand what balance feels like through deliberate, mindful movement.
  3. Once the neuromuscular patterning is back to balance, we might add resistance and/or dynamic, multi-joint movement so you can dovetail your renewed body intelligence into your fun time.

Why Balanced Motion Therapy?

• Alleviate pain and discomfort from repetitive work.
• Increase power in sport and play by plugging movement leaks.
• Decrease the incidence of injury by balancing your body.
• Hone brain-body intelligence.
• Decrease stress.
• Set yourself up for success by creating new wellness habits and goals.

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